Thank you so much to all the wonderful and beautiful souls involved in this project that means a lot to me. I first want to start with the ones that have been by my creative endeavors along the way: Cameron, Seth, Sleepy, The Groove, Theon, Mandog, Whitney, Rob Dixon, Brandon Meeks, Justin Brown, Mom & Pop and to all the people who give me constant feedback on my development as an artist.

And to the peoplethat have ever come to a show, I greatly appreciate you. It's a truly overjoying experience to see people really be into an artistic vision of mine. That support that I receive from you people give me life and I continue to strive because of you.

Shout out to Postal Recordings for being a fantastic studio. Tyler and Alex, you guys are great. The Groove and myself had a blast recording there and I can't wait to have the opportunity to make another visit.

To all the engineers who helped me record the different artists, thank you.

To all the producers in NAP: keep being unique. Shoutout to Mandog, Tim Moon, Missing.Num, One The Producer, Wildstyle Da Producer, KNags, ETA and many more who make quality music.

To the emcees and rappers: Their is so much energy in this city and I feel like NAP is one or two records away from a big breakthrough.

Shout out to all the artists involved with Nappy Head:

Oreo Jones, Theon Lee, Sirius Blvck, FLaCO, Pope Adrian Bless, Drayco McCoy, Diop, B Young of Native Sun, Roj Mahal, Jo Universal Devin Dabney, The Craftsman, TOO BLACK, Wilson Kickitt, FACTS, Brandon Lott and Derek Miller

Huge thanks and love to my band, The Groove. I CAN'T BELIEVE WE STARTED IN JANUARY 2016. Oh wait, yes I can. It's because you dudes are complete monsters at your respective instruments. Thank you thank you thank you for being beasts and being willing and able to follow this vision and dream alongside me. Nick Tucker, Joel Tucker, Jared Thompson, Jay Higginson, Reggie Bishop and Theon Lee. Y'all somethin' else.

Thanks to my big bro Sleep for keeping me in check and making sure I make good decisions when it comes to this music thing. Much love big bro.

Shout out to Jacob Gardner with the art design for Nappy Head. You have been absolutely killing the art game in Indianapolis and you are only getting better.

Shout out to Mandog for helping me get this album complete. You helped elevate this project with your impressive and concise mastering. I can not wait to get working on more projects in the future with you bro.


AND THANKS TO INDIANAPOLIS. I am very glad to call Nap my home.


Nappy Headed Clint